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Museum Lab Projection Project

Location: Pittsburgh, PA. 

Projection Design by Yoonseo(Dave) Choi

Contents by Advanced animation studio class in Carnegie Mellon University

Collaboration project with Exploded Enssemble and Activating the Body

Theme was Library of Babel and we have gathered contents from the individual projects in class.

We separated red channel and cyan to create an anaglyph effect on videos.

I have used Isadora software to map and control the videos live with effects.

For this 45 minutes show, I have added variety of effects from Isadora which were dots, inversion of color, motion blur and switch between videos on each display/projectors.

Isadora setup for main videos

I have set keys to switch videos between 6 sides total, and effects of dots on each panel.

There is also motion blur and inversion on whole videos. These effects were applied in live. 

I was switching and applying effects following the music that were played at the scene. 

Media diagram 

Due to our MacPro(Trash can) only able to output 3 displays. I was forced to use two projectors on the main media hub and separate sub laptop for third projector.

We had one live input from another laptop. 

It was for content with live motion capture in blender which moves the character in the video. 

We used black magic to get live feed screen from the computer and made input for isadora. 


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